Keynote Speaker


Prof. Weizong Wang, Beihang University, China

Prof. Dr. Weizong received double Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from Xi'an Jiaotong University in Xi’an (China) and University of Liverpool (United Kingdom) in 2013. After that, he worked at Qian Xuesen Laboratory of Space Technology and studied advanced spacecraft propulsion. In 2015, he entered the PLASMANT research group at the University of Antwerp in Belgium supported by the European Marie Skłodowska-Curie (MSCA) Individual Fellowship and studied plasma based gases conversion into value added products. After some postdoctoral research years, he became a professor of space propulsion in 2018 at Beihang University. He is currently Dean of School of Astronautics at Beihang University. He is also the head of the Advanced Space Propulsion and Energy Laboratory (ASPEL). His current research activities include the fundamental physics, chemistry and applications of low temperature plasmas, by numerical modelling and experiments, for various applications, especially space propulsion and energy conversion applications. He is author of more than 100 peer-reviewed publications and gave more than 40 invited talks at academic conferences. He is serving as advisory board member of IOP Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics and editors of several journals including Space: Science & Technology、Chinese Space Science and Technology、Gas Physics and guest editor for 3 special issues in journals.


王伟宗,北京航空航天大学教授,博士生导师,宇航学院院长,欧盟玛丽·居里学者,国家级青年人才计划入选者,教育部优秀青年团队培育项目负责人,主要从事航天器空间电推进、火箭发动机技术等的研究工作,主持国家自然科学基金、国防科工局基础科研项目、基础加强重点项目课题等,主编专著1部,授权发明专利19项,登记软件著作权6项,在Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer、Acta Astronautica、Plasma Sources Sci. Technol · 等期刊发表论文100余篇,担任国际期刊Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics国际顾问委员会委员以及Space: Science & Technology、《中国空间科学技术》、《气体物理》等期刊编委,应邀在国内外学术会议上做特邀报告40多次,荣获中国国家专利优秀奖、IOP 中国高被引用论文奖以及2018亚太等离子体和太赫兹国际会议杰出论文奖、第五届IEEE电力能源国际会议最佳论文奖、中国电推进学术研讨会以及中国“高电压与放电等离子体”会议优秀论文奖等。



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